Increasing Property Taxes Received

• For each blighted home that 5 for 5 restores and places in our program, the city gains $250 per year through property taxes.

• For each blighted home that 5 for 5 restores and places in our program, the city reduces its debt by $700 per year per home for maintaining that yard (cutting the grass).

• Each home through 5 for 5 virtually provides nearly a $1000 per year increase to the city’s budget.


Property Tax Increase 100%
Property Debt Reduction 33%
$1000/yr City Budget Increase 15%

Attracting Companies Through a Viable Workforce

Memphis currently has a large high school dropout rate, something that substantially reduces a capable workforce.

• 5 for 5 helps to increase graduation rate through teaching our families responsibility through accountability. Each family must keep their children out of criminal trouble and in school. Each family receives tutoring if their kids are falling behind. Families are rewarded when their kids are doing above average (As & Bs) by receiving free rent. All of this is done throughout the entire 5-year period parents are paying each month to own their home through 5 for 5.


Graduation Rate Increase

Literacy for All Schools

5 for 5 offers a proven literacy program developed by its founder to close the gap in literacy in only one 9-week period.

• Through monies given to 5 for 5’s Literacy program, “Literacy to Success,” 5 for 5 will institute an in-school or after-school program.

5 for 5’s whole purpose is to save kids, strengthen families, reduce blight, and restore neighborhoods through a holistic approach that helps our city in its greatest needs.

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